Are you looking to hire someone to provide continuing education training to social workers and case managers?

Our on-site workshops are for you if you are ...


A HUMAN SERVICE MANAGER OR EXECUTIVE who'd like to offer CE workshops to your staff on site, whether general or to address a specific need of your staff, organization or client population

A MARKETER FOR A NURSING OR ASSISTED LIVING FACILITY who invests in the continuing education of your most valuable referral sources: social workers and case managers

THE PRODUCER OR PLANNER of a conference or educational event and want to offer CEs to social workers and case managers in attendance


We’ll come to your office

  • Would you or your employer like to invest in your social workers' professional development and continuing education?

  • Would it break the bank for you to send all of your social work staff to a CE training?

  • Or would it interrupt your ability to provide seamless services to your clients if your social workers went to the same training at the same time off-site?

We understand the challenges of ensuring that your social workers meet the continuing education requirements for licensure. On-site workshops are a cost effective investment in your team and organization's growth.  We'll come to your site and deliver CE workshops from our established catalog or design a workshop to meet a specific need for your staff or client population.


We’ll come to your healthcare, assisted living or nursing/rehab facility


I've partnered with dozens of marketers and representatives of home care agencies, assisted living facilities, nursing/rehab centers and healthcare organizations to bring continuing education content to social workers and case managers.  Whether you're hosting an event at your facility or are sponsoring a workshop at a hospital or other location...

It's a win-win for all:

  • social workers and case managers get access to quality CE workshops (and often some really great meals too!)

  • you get to build and nurture relationships with the professionals who are caring for your future residents and patients

  • and I get to do what I love and offer it at little to no cost to participants.

I'll share with you the most popular workshops from our catalog for your target market (although we can always design new content too):

  • Self-Care for Social Workers

  • The Cost of Caring: Understanding and Managing Compassion Fatigue

  • Secondary Traumatic Stress: What Social Workers Should Know

  • Caregiver Stress

  • Documentation Series: Case Notes

  • Social Work Ethics

  • Professional Boundaries


We'll come to your conference or event

If you're producing an awesome conference for social workers, change agents, mental health professionals or complementary healing practitioners, we'd love to join you in delivering inspiring, actionable content to your attendees and participants.


I've spoken at conferences and events in the United States and Canada, giving talks and presentations on:

  • HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment

  • Crystal meth addiction in the LGBTQ community

  • Women mental health

  • Mental health for people of color

  • LGBTQ inclusion in the workplace

  • Transgender inclusion

  • Creating an LGBTQ inclusive psychotherapy practice

  • Program evaluation

  • Case management as a social justice model

  • Building a profitable private psychotherapy practice

I've participated on panels discussing LGBTQ mental health, women's mental health, trauma informed care and the significance of social work supervision.  Take a moment to contact me below to talk about your conference, breakout session, panel discussion or other event.


My intention is that your participants will enjoy their learning and you will reap the rewards of their enhances morale and commitment to creating real change.