Join JenTex Training & Consulting and Journeys by Jazmin for

CEs on the Sea- October 17-25, 2020

for an 8-Day Continuing Education Cruise for licensed social workers to the Southern Caribbean Islands of

Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao

and earn 15 CE hours!


Licensed social workers who join us on this cruise will:

  • Actually take a break from our challenging, but necessary, work and relax and recharge as we cruise the crystal waters of the Caribbean Sea and take in the culture and beaches of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao

  • Network with social workers from the U.S., Canada and U.S. Virgin Islands

  • Earn 15 continuing education hours learning evidence-based stress reduction and self-care techniques to support clients enduring stress and trauma

  • Enjoy some pampering and other surprise goodies from your cruise hosts!


this journey is for you if You’re:

  • A social worker desiring a retreat from the stress and overwhelm of your everyday work

  • Driven by wanderlust and are seeking to explore the culture and beauty of the Southern Caribbean

  • Open to a unique experience where you can network with other social workers, relax AND grab required CE hours

  • Love cruises…or want to experience one for the first time!


our itinerary aboard the carnival horizon

Cruise Out of Miami, FL

Day at Sea

Stress Reduction CE Workshops at Sea

A Day in Aruba

A Day in Bonaire

A Day in Curacao

Self-Care CE Workshops at Sea

Day at Sea

Arrive Back in Miami

Saturday 10/17/2020

Sunday 10/18/20

Monday 10/19/20

Tuesday 10/20/20

Wednesday 10/21/20

Thursday 10/22/20

Friday 10/23/20

Saturday 10/24/20

Sunday 10/25/20



How do I know if I can get the CE hours for this cruise?

Great question! A this time, only licensed social workers are able to receive CE hours from this trip.

JenTex Training & Consulting is an authorized CE provider for licensed social workers in most U.S. states (with the exception of New Jersey- sorry!), Washington, D.C., the U.S. Virgin Islands and most Canadian Provinces. Click one or both of the links below to ensure you can grab up to 15 shiny new CE hours by participating in the workshops aboard the Carnival Horizon:

You can click here to verify our New York State CE provider authorization.

You can click here to verify our CE provider authorization for all other U.S. states, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada.

Can I make payments over time?

Yes, of course! We offer generous payment plans that are considerate of your budget and other financial obligations. We’ve designed this trip to be accessible to ANY social worker, regardless of budget. We’re launching the cruise a year in advance so you’ll have that much time to make payments. Please contact us as soon as possible to make your deposit and set up a payment plan so you have as much time as possible to pay for your trip.

Is this trip only for social workers?

No! Although this journey is designed for social workers- given the unique emotional, mental, physical and spiritual demands of our work- anyone is welcome. However, only licensed social workers are eligible to receive 15 CE hours from this trip by participating in the workshops.

If this trip resonates with you and you’re not a licensed social worker, you are more than welcome to join us. We hope you’ll still join us for the stress reduction and self-care workshops, as we’ll have special gifts for you and you will still receive a completion certificate!

Am I required to attend the workshops to receive 15 CE hours?

If you are a licensed social worker who intends to receive CE hours, you are required to attend both days of workshops in their entirety. The workshops technically count as one training, so you must be present for the full 15 hours (over the course of 2 days) to receive a completion certificate.

That said, the workshops are designed to complement the relaxing and fun experience of the cruise. On the first day of workshops we’ll be exploring the nature of stress and how it impacts the body-mind-spirit. We’ll also learn about trauma, secondary traumatic stress and vicarious trauma. On the second day we’ll learn about and practice evidence-based stress reduction techniques (including guided meditation). You get to spend an entire day learning about and modeling relaxation and stress reduction techniques that will be invaluable to your clients who are stressed out, have survived trauma and desire healing.

Who will be my roommate?

If you book the trip with a friend/colleague/family member, we can place you both in a cabin together, no problem! Otherwise, if you’re traveling solo, upon booking we’ll ask you some questions to ensure you are paired with a compatible cabinmate!

You also are welcome to book the entire cabin at the full cabin rate should you prefer solo/single occupancy.

Can I book my flights and/or airport transfers with you?

We are only responsible for booking your cruise, and the Carnival Horizon will sail from Miami, Fl. You are responsible for booking your transportation to Miami (plane, train or automobile :-) ) and transfers to and from the ship.

We encourage you to book your transportation as soon as possible after making your deposit for the cruise. The ship will depart port at 4pm ET on Saturday, October 17, 2020 and boarding begins at 12pm ET. The ship will arrive back to port by 9am ET on Sunday, October 25, 2020.

Psst: If you will be flying into Miami, here is a great resource that enables you to book a flight on a layway-style plan of payments with a minimal deposit:


your hosts

Dawn Shedrick Headshot1.jpg
Jazmin Dore Head Shot.jpg

Hello! I’m Yolanda Jazmin Dore, LMSW (but you can call me Jazmin), a Licensed Master Social Worker and Travel Agent in New York. I established Journeys by Jazmin as an extension of my love of travel. I have a wide range of social work experience over the past 20 years and currently work in hospice/palliative care.

Working with chronically ill and end of life patients is incredibly rewarding, yet extremely draining. More than once I’ve found myself on the verge of burnout. I needed to find something that would feed my soul and balance out the heaviness of my day job. Journeys by Jazmin allows me to travel the world to create balance in my life and work as well as create unforgettable travel experiences for others.

My very first internship at age 17 was at a mom and pop travel agency in Harlem. I loved the paper tickets, planning trips and the overall energy of the agency. After that internship my love for travel continued to flourish. If I was not on a trip, I was thinking about a trip. Where to go and where to look for the best deals?

And did I mention, my happy place is the Airport? I have traveled all of the Caribbean, South America, North America, Canada and Europe.

I believe all people- and most importantly social workers- should prioritize self and soul care. I want my business to give you the opportunity to reflect upon fun times that make lasting memories that you can recall when the phone doesn’t stop ringing, deadlines are approaching and you have yet another client to see.

Hello there. I’m Dawn Shedrick, LCSW, Founder and CEO of JenTex Training & Consulting. I established the company as a vehicle to offer innovative and interactive continuing education and professional development experiences to social workers and helping professionals.

I’ve been a social worker for more than 20 years and have a broad range of experience including case management, community organizing, clinical practice, supervision, grant writing, community health education, program design and development and nonprofit administration. Whew!

My wanderlust was inspired by my paternal grandmother. I cherish the colorful stories of her travels, with the Caribbean being her favorite region on Earth. She was committed to ethical travel before it became “a thing,” prioritizing the needs and histories of the people who lived in and built the places she visited. It was never simply tourism for her.

I carry her in my heart as I’ve visited Brazil, Fiji, Morocco, Arizona, Mexico, China, South Carolina, Germany and California, to name a few. Travel serves many purposes and it depends on where I’m going and why. But no matter where I visit, I learn more about myself and my purpose on this planet.

JenTex’s first Continuing Education journey took place in 2017 on the amazing Island of Zanzibar off the coast of Tanzania. A lovely community of social workers, coaches, healers and plain ole good folks journeyed with me where we swam in the Indian Ocean, spent a transformative day on a sandbar in the middle of the ocean, contributed to the construction of a local water tower, learned about economic development within the country and made new friends with the locals. The social workers on the trip came back to the U.S. with CE hours…and I’ve been inspired to create the next journey ever since. So when Jazmin proposed the idea for a CE cruise, I immediately accepted the offer!

I invite you to join us in creating new memories on this cruise.

Journeys by Jazmin Logo.png

ce workshop itineraries

Stress is one of the most common and complex causes of varying levels of mental, emotional and physical distress. Stress also has a complex relationship with trauma. In the past three decades significant evidence has emerged that offers myriad forms of relief from trauma, stress and anxiety. In this course we will explore the signs and symptoms of stress and trauma and various evidence-based modalities and techniques for stress reduction and management. We will learn the history and development of each technique, in addition to its protocols and considerations. We will practice each technique and process our experiences together. Licensed social workers seeking CE hours are required to attend the workshops in their entirety.

friday, october 23, 2020

  • Welcome

  • Opening meditation and grounding

  • Review from Monday’s workshop

  • Evidence-based stress reduction techniques:

    • Cognitive Behavior Therapy

    • Progressive Muscle Relaxation

    • Diaphragmatic Breathing

    • Relaxation Response

    • Guided Imagery and Meditation

  • Closing ritual and meditation

  • Gratitude Ceremony

monday, october 19, 2020

  • Welcome

  • Opening meditation and grounding

  • Definition of stress

  • Symptoms of stress

  • Impact of stress on the mind and body

  • The relationship between stress and anxiety

  • Diagnostic features of anxiety

  • Definition of Trauma

  • Signs and symptoms of trauma

  • Diagnostic features of Acute Stress Disorder

  • Diagnostic features of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

  • Relationship between stress and trauma

  • Closing ritual and meditation

not convinced yet that you’re worthy of this journey?

Take a moment to read these testimonials from social workers and other who joined us for JenTex’s inaugural CE journey to Zanzibar, Tanzania in early 2017.

I’m searching for the words to adequately describe my experience in Zanzibar with JenTex. It was a life changing experience that has opened me up to the possibilities of ethical travel while learning new skills to help me grow professionally. I never thought I’d ever visit such a magical place AND get continuing education credits at the same time. JenTex and GOOD Travel took such good care of us and made this trip one of the best of my life. I look forward to more!
— Corine Morris, LMSW
Dawn, Eliza and the coaches created a transformation experience that can only be matched if THEY do it again. The people and the culture of Tanzania have touched my heart in a way that has me inspired to be a better social worker and human being. Not only did I learn new skills to take back to my practice, but my capacity for empathy and compassion has expanded exponentially. This was a beautifully crafted experience that I hope every social worker gets to enjoy.
— Mary Alyce Rogers, LCSW

your investment in relaxation and continuing education includes:

  • an 8-day Southern Caribbean cruise to Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao aboard the Carnival Horizon. Click here for information about this ship that debuted in 2018

  • meals (excluding those at specialty restaurants and cafes aboard the ship) through the duration of the cruise (meals off-ship are not included)

  • two all-day continuing education workshops that provide a total of 15 CE hours

  • complementary Reiki and energy healing treatments from a special guest healer

  • a special surprise gift from your hosts!

what’s not included:

  • airfare and/or travel to Miami, Florida

  • travel insurance (you can purchase travel insurance through us for as little as $79!)

  • meals at “specialty” restaurants on the ship

  • alcoholic beverages

  • meals, beverages and souvenirs off-ship

  • gratuities

trip fees:

The fees below are for the CRUISE ONLY and serve as the base fee for social workers seeking CEs or the full fee for non-social workers or social workers who are not seeking CE hours:

  • Interior Cabin: $704.52 per person, double occupancy ($1,409.04 per cabin)

  • Oceanview Cabin: $914.52 per person, double occupancy ($1,829.04 per cabin)

  • Balcony Cabin: $1,209.52 per person, double occupancy ($2,419.04 per cabin)

important notes about fees and booking:

  • Licensed social workers seeking CE hours during this trip are required to pay an additional $130.00 US for the cost of the CE workshops at the time of booking.

  • You are required to book this trip through Journeys by Jazmin/JenTex Training & Consulting and not directly through Carnival Cruises

  • A $250 deposit is required before 11/30/19 to secure your spot on this trip. We have limited spaces available, as we want this to be an intimate experience for all.

  • We offer generous payment plans so you’ll have plenty of time to pay off your trip!

snapshots of our first Continuing education journey to zanzibar, tanzania in 2017


The button above will take you to an online form you can complete to notify us that you’re ready to make your deposit! We will respond to the form within 48 hours to process your deposit!

Still trying to figure out if this trip is perfect for you? No worries! Please click the button below, submit your question and we’ll be in touch within 48 hours.